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Telescopic Pole

Telescopic Pole

SKU: 51000

A replacement component for your ENJO Floorcleaner while also being a great attachment for your Multi Tool to be able to reach more windows + surfaces. Lightweight yet durable, the ENJO Telescopic Pole can be adjusted to any length and is extremely versatile in combination with all ENJO hardware.

Quick and easy to change the height for each user and cleaning task. Comfortable grip ensures relaxed, upright posture. Can be used in combination with the Floorcleaner Plate, Combiwiper 16cm/28cm, Flexi 55cm and Twister.Length of Pole: 1m – 1.72m


To extend the Telescopic Pole, twist the black and yellow pole cover to the left to release it, then pull the Telescopic Pole to the desired length and fix it in place by turning the black and yellow pole cover back to the right. The directions for tightening and releasing the pole are indicated on the pole.

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