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Product Training


Working 9 - 5 isn't always an option, flexibility opens up possibility.


We passionately believe that with the right support everyone has it in them to create a business that works for them, and for 20 years over many Singaporeans have done just that.


So much more than just clever cleaning products.


Products with a Purpose

Create positive, long-lasting change in your community.


Flexible Income

The freedom to earn an income and build a business to fit your lifestyle.


Independence + Support

Work your business in a way that suits your individuality with all the support from a global community.


Training + Development

Unlock your potential and build something you're proud of.


Quality that Cares

Quality, durable cleaning products that do so much good for our homes, our health and the planet.

What You Do...

You’ll be able to create a business which works for you and love what you do! You’ll even be able to choose how you earn your income, with multiple revenue streams.

What we do
What We Do...

Tell you all there is to know about cleaning chemical-free and help you share your passion with training and support from a dedicated in-house team.

Getting Started
How to Get Started...

It starts with a chat with ENJO HQ and you'll be put in touch with a like-minded business owner to get a real feel of the ENJO Life.

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Earning Potential...

The ENJO Life is about finding your fit and a balance that works for you. Your lifestyle defines how often you work and how much you'll earn.

Yes I am ready to start my ENJO Business.
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Looking for something part time or a side hustle?

Become an ENJO Affiliate

We’re happy to answer them. Send us a contact form or call us right now: 6270 8300 

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