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Products Overview

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Using Fibre Technology, the sophisticated ENJO Fibres trap the dirt and release them again when washed with soap and warm water. The cold water acts as a solvent to loosen, dissolve and weaken dirt particles. Scientifically tested and proven to clean 6 times better than traditional cleaning methods, the efficacy of ENJO fibres is backed by countless testimonials from satisfied households for more than 30 years. Not only does an ENJO Fibre last up to 3 years, you can say goodbye to toxic chemical cleaners for good, leaving you with a safer, healthier and better clean.

See for yourself and take control of the future for you and your family.

  • Clean all kitchen surfaces and appliances with our Kitchen Pack 


  • Convenient and time-saving: Greasy and sticky hob, hood, spice bottles, appliances and all other surfaces can be cleaned with just ENJO fibre and water


  • Significant savings - eliminates wipes, cleaning agents, paper towels and reduces detergent use and replacement of sponges 


  • Example: 1 ENJO sponge @ $35 vs 72 normal sponges @ average $80 over 3 years

  • Give your bathroom and toilet a thorough, sparkling clean with our Bathroom Pack


  • No more unsightly water marks, grime and slimy soap scum; say hello to clear mirror and shower screen, shiny faucets and squeaky clean basin and bathtub – all these can be achieved simply and quickly with just the ENJO fibres and water.


  • Simplifies cleaning - eliminates chemical cleaners and reduces replacement of brushes & sponges

  • Better for your health – chemical cleaners pose health hazards especially when you're enclosed in the confined space of your bathroom, through absorption through your skin and inhalation into the lungs

  • Bedrooms, living hall, stairs, home office/study room – keep them dust-free and spotless everyday with the Living Pack


  • Prevent layers of dust accumulating on your bookshelves, cabinets, computers, TV console, photo frames and decorative items; keep the sofa and other furniture looking new and clean –anything that needs to be cleaned, you can count on ENJO.

  • Cleaning is no longer a chore and annual spring cleaning becomes much easier. It is fun and safe for the whole family to help!


  • Eliminates cleaners, polishes and disposable dusters

Skin Care.jpg
Skin Care
  • Pamper your face and body with our Skin Care Pack

  • ENJO fibres offer pore deep daily cleansing that is gentle enough even for sensitive skin, removing makeup, dirt, sweat and oil, without the need for makeup removers and cleansers


  • Our duopads and duogloves come with an exfoliating side – use it once-a-week to get rid of dead skin cells to rejuvenate dull-looking skin


  • With pore deep cleansing, your skin can now fully absorb the goodness of skin and body moisturizers, leaving you with beautifully soft and healthy skin


  • Eliminates makeup remover and cotton pads, makeup wipes and even bath soaps and shower gels for people with eczema-prone skin

  • Clean all the floors in your home, be it indoor or outdoor, with our Floor Pack

  • Different fibres to cater to different types of flooring, including marble, granite, ceramic, timber, vinyl, laminates, bamboo, cork and more

  • Protect the earth – eliminates toxic floor cleaners and disposable dry and wet wipes


  • Save water, less hassle – no more lugging heavy pails of water around for mopping.

  • Ergonomic design is easy on the body and adjustable for each user.

  • Cleans all outdoor surfaces

  • Use just water to clean BBQs, cars, boats, garden tools, outdoor furniture and more

  • Prevents groundwater and storm sewer contamination

  • Eliminates chemical soaps and wire brushes

  • Cut your window cleaning time in half with our Window Pack

  • Cleans windows and screens thoroughly, easily getting rid of dust and water stains, leaving the glass looking squeaky clean and streak-free


  • Eliminates glass cleaners, sprays and paper towels. No more getting your fingers all black by cleaning with newspapers!


  • Easily fits into the floor cleaning telescopic pole for extended reach up to 2m, especially convenient for cleaning floor-to-ceiling windows and doors

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