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Multi Tool Plate

Multi Tool Plate

SKU: 51150

It’s the perfect addition to ENJO’s Combiwiper to clean multiple surface inside and out of the home. Use with the telescopic pole or twister for even more ways to use the multi tool.

Flexible plate allows an easy, flowing cleaning movement, while reducing strain on your wrist while cleaning. Dimensions: Approx. 28 x 7.5 x 3.5cm. Only compatible with the Combi Base 5th generation launched in 2015.

Use the Multi Tool Plate with the Combi Base and the matching Multi Tool Fibre as Multi Tool. To attach the Multi Tool Plate to the Combi Base, slide the yellow tabs of the Plate out to the outer marking. Place the Combi Base on the Multi Tool so that the tabs align before sliding the tabs inwards to lock it in. Areas that are difficult to access and/or in high places can be cleaned quickly and easily with the Telescopic Pole attachment. To allow yourself more freedom of movement, use the Twister, if necessary.

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