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Laundry Liquid 1000ml

Laundry Liquid 1000ml

SKU: 52026

ENJO’s Natural Laundry Liquid cares for your clothes and the environment. The plant-based ingredients and essential oils offer a simply brilliant clean while being gentle on natural fibres, sensitive skin and the environment. ENJO’s Laundry Liquid was created with the environment in mind, containing no synthetic ingredients, phosphates or parabens.


This product is 2 points towards having an ENJOpure Home.

Area of Use: Fabrics • Clothing • ENJO Fibres • Linen • Towels.

Use A small amount of Laundry Liquid goes a long way. Use 10ml for a standard machine wash load (4-5kg dry laundry) or up to 30ml in hard water areas. Add to the drawer of the washing machine or directly to the laundry in the wash drum. Also suitable for hand washing (use 4-6 drops for 10 litres of water).  Hint: Use ENJO‘s Pump Attachment to dose your Laundry Liquid exactly: 10ml = pump 5 times. In case of strong dirt, increase the amount.


Replaces harsh laundry detergents.

Ingredients: 5-15% anionic surfactants (based on vegetable fatty alcohol), 5-15% non-ionic surfactants (coco glucoside), <5% soap (vegetable oil soap). Contains furthermore: water, salt, ethanol, orange peel oil (contains limonene), lavender oil, mountain pine oil (pinus mugo) and denaturant.

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