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Washing Up Liquid 1000ml

Washing Up Liquid 1000ml

SKU: 52024

ENJO's Washing Up Liquid offers a natural cleaning solution to keeping dishes clean and hands clean. This environmentally responsible ultra-concentrated formula uses powerful plant and mineral-based ingredients. Created with the environment in mind, ENJO’s Washing Up Liquid contains no synthetic ingredients, phosphates or parabens.


This product is 1 points towards having an ENJOpure Home.

Area of Use: Extractor hoods and ovens • Washing-up (burnt-in) • Fabrics • Upholstered furniture and carpeted floors • Dull old parquet floors • Laminate and bamboo flooring • Natural stone (marble, granite, etc.) • Car paint and chrome-plated parts.

Use A small amount of Washing Up Liquid goes a long way. Apply one drop of Washing Up Liquid on the ENJO fibre and clean the respective surface. Rinse with water, then dry using an ENJOfil.

For washing dishes, 3 pumps (6ml) per medium load directly into washing up sink. Adjust to up to 5 pumps (10ml) for a large load. Can be used with ENJO Kitchen fibres.

For spots on textiles, work in a circular motion from outside to inside. If required, increase the number of drops.

To clean dull parquet or laminate flooring, add 5-10 drops of Washing Up Liquid to 0.5-1 litre of water in the ENJO Spraybottle.


Replaces harsh dish cleaning liquids, textile cleaners and floor cleaners.

Ingredients: <5% non-ionic surfactants (sugar surfactants), <5% amphoteric surfactants (betaine), alkane sulfonate. Contains furthermore: water, phenoxyethanol and orange peel oil (contains limonene).

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