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Leather & Wood Balm

Leather & Wood Balm

SKU: 52103

Nourish, restore and protect leather and wooden surfaces with ENJO’s quality Leather and Wood Balm. Made with beeswax that seals and protects leather apparel and wooden furniture and fittings. Apply regularly to give natural wooden and leather surfaces a longer-lasting silky sheen.


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Area of Use: Smooth leather (shoes, bags, jackets, wallets, purses, belts, football boots etc.) • Wood (furniture, doors, window sills, etc.) • Car fittings.

Use A small amount of Leather & Wood Balm goes a long way. Apply Leather & Wood Balm sparingly with the ENJO Polishing Fibre and allow to act. Then buff with the ENJO Polishing Fibre to achieve a high sheen. When caring for leather, we recommend to clean the surface – if needed – with the damp ENJO Living Duoglove Textile/Soft before applying the Balm. When caring for wood, we recommend to clean the surface – if needed – with our damp Soft Fibre so that the balm can better penetrate the wood.


Ingredients: Besswax, carnauba wax, cinnamyl alcohol, lemon grass oil.

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