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Dust Glove

Dust Glove

SKU: 50204

Keep your living areas clean and dust free. Our classic dust fibre, suitable throughout the home wherever dry dusting is performed. The healthiest and easiest way to reduce the dust in your home


This product is 4 points towards having an ENJOpure Home.

Area of Use: Furniture • Wooden panels on walls and ceilings • Fabric wallpaper • Pictures • TV sets, computer screens, stereos • Plants with large leaves • Car interiors • Shades and insect screens • Curtains and vertical blinds.

Use dry. Rub the Dust Glove by hand before use to give the fibre a static charge so that it attracts dust particles immediately. The ENJO Fibres physically trap and efficiently remove even the finest micro dust from surfaces that won’t be released until shaken or washed. Size 21 x 14cm.


It is usually sufficient to knock out or brush the fibre outdoors after use, or it can be cleaned with a vacuum. The Dust Glove can also be used to gently brush the coat of cats, dogs and horses.


Replaces feather dusters, rags, polishing cloths, chemical sprays and polishes.

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