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Multi Tool Set - Medium

Multi Tool Set - Medium


Get clean and streak-free surfaces for all indoor areas of your home. Reach even more surfaces + high places by attaching the Multi Tool to your Telescopic Pole (sold separately).


This product is 9 points towards having an ENJOpure Home.

Area of Use: Clean indoor or smooth surfaces • Sealed walls • Floors • Ceilings • Cabinets, Doors • Other indoor surfaces.

Use wet. Wet the fibre or the surface before cleaning. Follow by drying the surface with the Rubber Channel Blade attachment or with an ENJOfil. Flexible plate allows an easy, flowing cleaning movement, while reducing strain on your wrist while cleaning. Includes: 1 Combi Base, 1 Channel / Rubber Blade 28cm, Multi Tool Plate and 1 Multi Tool Fibre Medium. Size 28 x 7.5 x 3.5cm.

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