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Floorcleaner Plate

Floorcleaner Plate

SKU: 51020

Designed as a replacement component for your ENJO Floorcleaner so that you can continue to clean your home’s hard floor surfaces with ease. Made from recycled plastic, the ENJO Floorcleaner Head simply attaches to the Telescopic Pole making the perfect lightweight and ergonomic Floorcleaner.

The Plate comes with a high quality 360˚ joint that enables fluid movement and easy manoeuvring in tight spaces and under furniture. It also has a patented locking mechanism for improved safety when put in a standing position or when used for overhead cleaning.


To connect the Floorcleaner Plate and Telescopic Pole:

  1. Place the Floorcleaner Plate on the floor with the yellow collar fixed in the lower position.
  2. Insert the Telescopic Pole firmly and twist till you hear a “click”.
  3. Use your foot to press the “Open” control to unclamp the Plate.
  4. Insert the Plate into the 2 side pockets on the Floor Fibre.
  5. Press the “Close” control to secure the Plate.
  6. Adjust the height of the Telescopic Pole so that it is level with your nose.
  7. Push the yellow collar upwards with your foot to unlock the joint and start cleaning the floor in a figure-of-eight motion.


When cleaning overhead, please clamp the plate in place with the yellow shaft in the lower position so that the Floorcleaner Plate cannot become detached from the Telescopic Pole.

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