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Dust Flexi Set 55cm

Dust Flexi Set 55cm


The most effective way to dust your home. The Dust Flexi offers an easier and versatile alternative to keeping the surfaces in your living spaces clean, fresh and dust free. Dusting in hard to reach areas with our flexible tool. Reach and collect dust from surfaces high and low, behind and under furniture in all directions with this handy tool.


This product is 5 points towards having an ENJOpure Home.

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Area of Use: Areas that are hard to reach or inaccessible • Cabinets, shelves and picture galleries • Rotating carousels and pull-out cabinets • Staircases • Shutters and radiators • Ceiling lights, pictures and wall clocks • Gaps between electrical appliances and TV sets • Air vents • Towel rails • Behind boilers and bathtubs • Tumble dryer lint filters • Behind and beneath washing machines and dryers • Interiors of cars, caravans and boats.

Use dry. Slide the fibre onto the Flexi tool and pull the label to attach the black rubber element to the Flexi hook. It is usually sufficient to knock out or brush the Dust Flexi Fibre outdoors after use, or it can be cleaned with a vacuum. When used in combination with the Telescopic Pole, the working radius is increased by more than 170cm. This means it is easy to remove cobwebs in rooms with a high ceiling, for example.


Replaces feather dusters, rags and single use wipes.

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