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Bathroom Wand Set

Bathroom Wand Set


We all have those spots in the bathroom, laundry and the toilet where we’d really rather not have to reach into – all those plugholes, tap handles and other hard-to-reach nooks where calcium, soap, lime and bacteria love to grow. Take care of all that with Bathroom Wand Set.


This product is 2 points towards having an ENJOpure Home.

Area of Use: Bathrooms and laundry rooms • Toilet • Drain.

Use wet. The Bathroom Maid Fibre together with the special Bathroom Wand reaches effortlessly into difficult corners. The toilet rim can easily and most efficiently be cleaned with the pointy tip of the fibre. If the fibre is not strong enough (e.g. for the initial clean) put a few drops of pure Calcium Dissolver onto the fibre tip and clean along the toilet rim. Leave to take effect and then rinse thoroughly. Even hard to remove stains will be dissolved.


Replaces liquid and cream chemical cleaners and bleach.

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