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Bathroom Sponge

Bathroom Sponge

SKU: 50160

The ideal assistant for cleaning of tiles and tile joints. Remove calcium, lime, mould and soap scum from bathroom tiles, grout and basins with the Bathroom Sponge. A small but sustainable long-lasting sponge that’s designed to reach into the smallest of crevices for up to 3 years, simply wash and use again.


This product is 2 points towards having an ENJOpure Home.

Area of Use: Bathrooms and laundry rooms • Tiles and grout • Taps.

Use damp to wet. The extreme side loosens stubborn dirt. The fibre side collects and removes dirt. Size 12 x 8.5cm.


The Bathroom Scrub is ideal for cleaning discoloured grout between tiles. For heavy limescale deposits, we recommend using the Bathroom Sponge together with a few drops of Citrus Calcium Dissolver.


Replaces liquid and cream chemical cleaners, bleach, window/shower cleaners, disposable cloths, sponges, rags and paper towel.

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